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[old!fic] "Virus" - Star Ocean 3, Maria-centric
Maria 4P
cybersky wrote in fly_by_contact
Originally written in July 2006, with thanks to gothatheartholo for giving me the theme to work with.

Title: Virus
Fandom: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Character: Maria
Rating: PG (to be safe, for very mild language)
Summary: An illness causes Maria to reflect on recent events. 240-word ficlet. Contains spoilers for the end of the game.

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Ocean 3 or any of its characters, nor do I make any money out of fanwork like this.


Maria wasn't feeling very well today.

Judging by the symptoms, it wasn't a serious disease – little worse than a common cold – so it shouldn't have been much of a bother for her. All she had to do was stay in the warm and rest up, right?

No. She was bothered, and not so much by the illness itself either. It had only been a few days since she and the rest of her group had staved off the judgement Luther had tried to inflict on them; the memory was still fresh in her mind. He had called her a virus, a bug that was causing defects in the system... he'd meant it in the technological sense, of course, but right now Maria was thinking of how he was perhaps likening her to the kind of bug that had made her unwell. Just as the cold virus was interfering with her body systems, she was supposedly interfering with the structure of the Eternal Sphere and beginning to break it down.

As if she'd buy that crap. Luther had invaded her world with the Executioners before she had gone to his, so she thought the analogy failed there already; after all, people don't infect cold viruses before the viruses infect them, do they? And why the hell was she thinking about this anyway?

Maybe her cold was just getting to her. Maria shook her head and shuffled further under her bed covers.


As with all the old fic I'm reposting, comments and concrit are fine, but bear in mind that I may already be aware of the flaws in these things.


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